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    Which sunglasses are suitable for ladies?  

    It's always the pair you feel most comfortable in that suits you best!  

    All our sunglasses can be worn by ladies. We have created a category with the sunglasses that are sold the most for ladies on our webshop. If you find some sunglasses that you love, but do not fall under this category, they can easily be used by ladies.  

    We have cheap sunglasses for ladies in many colors and shapes. You can find round, square, metal and cateye sunglasses, as well as many more women's sunglasses on our webshop. All colors and shapes can be used by both men and women.  

    You can also find Blue Light glasses, reading glasses and Sunglasses with power on our webshop in a quality similar to designer sunglasses for women. In several of our styles, you can get your reading glasses in the same model as your ladies' sunglasses.     

    Which women's sunglasses suit my face shape?  

    There is no one answer to which women's sunglasses suit your face shape. It is always the glasses you feel best in that are the best match for you. In addition, it can also play a role in whether they are for sunglasses in the category "small" or "large sunglasses for women".  

    However, there are a number of general 'rules' for which sunglasses suit different face shapes best for both men and women .  

    This applies, among other things, to the fact that if you have a round head, it can be good to use some distinctive women's sunglasses to add some more definition to your face. If, on the other hand, you choose a pair of round sunglasses, you will emphasize the round shapes of your face.  

    If you have a square face, you can use round sunglasses for women to soften the angular features. In addition, sunglasses that sit high on the nose will compliment the beautiful square shape.  

    If you have an oval face, you are one of the lucky ladies. Almost all women's sunglasses suit an oval face. So you can easily experiment with more daring frames.  

    You can read much more about which sunglasses suit your face shape in our guide .    

    Where to buy women's sunglasses?  

    At hartandholm.com we have a large selection of women's sunglasses. In addition to women's sunglasses, we also have Blue Light glasses, reading glasses and Sunglasses with power for women. You can find our entire selection in our "sunglasses for women" category .  

    You can also find selected Hart&Holm sunglasses for women at our dealers. We have dealers throughout Denmark, distributed in addition to Jutland, Zealand and Funen.  

    You can see all our dealers HERE .    

    How much do sunglasses for ladies cost?  

    At Hartandholm.com we have sunglasses for women from only DKK 199 in our CLASSIC collection. In addition, you will find sunglasses in our PREMIUM collection for DKK 349 and DKK 399.  

    If you can't settle for one pair, you get a DKK 100 discount and free shipping when you buy 3 pairs of glasses. To take advantage of the offer on the "sunglasses for women" category, you can mix both reading glasses , Blue Light glasses and sunglasses from all our collections.  

    What size do I use in sunglasses?  

    Our sunglasses are basically one size and fit everyone, but there may still be a slight difference in the width of the frame. If you are in doubt about which size to use, we have some tips here. Which size you use depends on the width of your face. You can find measurements of all our sunglasses under "Description" of the individual product. Here you can see the following measurements: frame width, width of the bridge, length of the temple, lens height and lens width. It is especially the width of the frame and the width of the bridge that you should notice here. If you are a woman with large sunglasses, then we have made a blog post about just this.  

    Which sunglasses for women should I choose?  

    It is first and foremost important that you always check whether there is UV protection in your sunglasses. At hartandholm.com, we have UV400 protection in all our men's and women's sunglasses. This means that you can safely and confidently go out in the sun without damaging your eyes. The UV protection blocks the harmful rays from the sun.  

    In addition, it is important that you choose sunglasses that you feel comfortable in and that you feel suit you. You can both consider which sunglasses you feel best suit your face shape and which colors you like best. Maybe you are mostly into neutral colors, or maybe you like women's sunglasses that can be seen and that add some color to your outfit.  

    How should sunglasses fit?  

    Of course, a pair of glasses should always sit comfortably on your face. This means that they should neither be too heavy, tight nor fit too loosely. We've tested each style so it's designed to fit well and comfortably. We also know that faces are different. Therefore, you can read about the measurements and weight of the glasses on our individual frames under "Description". If you choose our Premium frames, they can be adjusted exactly to your face. See how to do it in our guide .    

    Should I use women's sunglasses with or without power?  

    Our sunglasses are equipped with UV400 protection regardless of whether they are with or without strength. You can therefore always safely use them even in bright sunlight. We recommend that you use women's sunglasses without strength when you wear them normally. If, on the other hand, you are sitting by the pool and reading a book or reading the newspaper on the terrace on a skiing holiday, and you have difficulty reading what is written - then we recommend that you wear sunglasses with strength.  

    If you do not know your strength, you can go to an optician and have the exact strength measured.

    Shop Women's Sunglasses | HART&HOLM  

    Are you looking for women's sunglasses? Shop your new favorite sunglasses online at HART&HOLM at great prices. Your glasses from the "sunglasses for women" category are always delivered in a beautiful patterned HART & HOLM box with a glasses case and a cleaning cloth. With this, your glasses are always well protected when you are not wearing them. Although we sell cheap sunglasses for women, you get them in a quality similar to designer sunglasses for women from recognized brands.  

    At HART&HOLM you get a DKK 100 discount and free shipping when you buy 3 pairs of glasses. When you shop with us, we always pack your glasses lovingly and send them to you within 1-2 working days.  

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