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    9 products

    How much are square sunglasses for men?  

    At HART & HOLM you can get square sunglasses for men at prices from DKK 349 in our PREMIUM collection. With our PREMIUM sunglasses, you always get a foldable case in black imitation leather and a cleaning cloth. Our PREMIUM glasses are made of a material called acetate. Acetate is an enormously flexible material that can easily be shaped to fit your face exactly. You do this by warming up the spectacle frame slightly with, for example, your hands. See how easy it is in our video guide .  

    Are square sunglasses for men right for your face?  

    Do you love square sunglasses but are unsure whether they suit your face? So there are some general rules you can follow. However, it is important to say that you should always go for the sunglasses you like best. It can be seen on you whether you feel comfortable in the sunglasses you are wearing.  
    Square sunglasses for men suit most people, but are especially good for you with a round face. The square sunglasses will provide a good contrast to the round and tone down the round shapes. Conversely, square sunglasses will also be able to highlight and exaggerate a square face shape. If you have a square face shape, it can therefore be an advantage to choose round sunglasses for men instead.  
    If you are curious about face shapes and sunglasses, you can read more about it in our guide .  

    How much UV should be in my men's square sunglasses?  

    There must always be UV400 in your sunglasses – regardless of their shape. UV400 means that the glass in the sunglasses protects against all UV rays that are shorter than or equal to 400. It covers all UVA and UVB rays from the sun. In other words, your eyes are fully protected against the sun's dangerous rays when you use sunglasses with UV400. All sunglasses from HART & HOLM naturally have UV400 in the lenses.  

    How do I style my men's square sunglasses?  

    If you are in doubt about how to style your new sunglasses from the category "men's square sunglasses", we have collected some tips for you right here.  
    If you also love the "fast" version of the square sunglasses, you can easily use them to upgrade an otherwise basic outfit. For example, try styling your quick sunglasses with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans – that's all.  
    If you are a sporty type, then you should go for square sports glasses . The square sports glasses are well suited for jogging, cycling or a trip on the padel court in sunny weather. You can also easily style your square sports sunglasses for a casual outfit, so you add some coolness to it.  

    Where to buy square sunglasses for men?  

    You can buy square sunglasses for men online at HART & HOLM in our PREMIUM collection. You will also find sunglasses in the category "men's square sunglasses" at some of our dealers. We have dealers all over Denmark in Jutland, Zealand, Funen and on the islands. See all our dealers on our dealer list .  

    Buy square sunglasses for men at HART & HOLM  

    Buy square sunglasses for men at HART & HOLM for prices from DKK 349 in our PREMIUM collection. You always save DKK 100 and get free shipping when you buy 3 pairs. Mix and match from all our collections - Reading glasses , Sunglasses , Blue Light glasses and Sports glasses .  
    We lovingly pack your glasses and send them to you within 1 to 2 business days so that you can quickly put them to use.  

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