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    26 products
    Moss Black Champagne Brown +5
    Torino Reading Glasses - CLASSIC
    Brown Turtle Black Brown Mat Black +2
    Milano Reading Glasses - CLASSIC
    Smoke Golden Black Blue +3
    Lazio Reading glasses - CLASSIC
    Beige Marble Black Walnut
    Trieste MINI Reading glasses - PREMIUM
    Smoke Brown Turtle Black
    Trieste Reading glasses - PREMIUM
    Asphalt Walnut Smoke Grey +1
    Prato Reading glasses - PREMIUM
    Black Turtle Brown Turtle Black Smoke +2
    Grosetto Reading glasses - PREMIUM
    Lucky bag - Reading glasses
    Rose gold Gold
    Lucca Reading glasses - PREMIUM
    Smoke Honey
    Verona Reading Glasses - PREMIUM
    Black Gold
    Udine Reading Glasses - PREMIUM
    Certaldo Reading glasses - PREMIUM
    Arezzo Gold Læsebrille - PREMIUM
    Capri Olive Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Capri Ice Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Champagne Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Black Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Rose Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Olive Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Grey Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Creme Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Walnut Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Golden Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Toffee Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Moss Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Arezzo Brown Læsebrille - PREMIUM

    How much do men's reading glasses cost?    

    At HART & HOLM you can get nice reading glasses for men from our CLASSIC collection for NOK 199. All in a delicious quality and made from a durable lightweight material. The glasses have fine details and we have designed them so that they do not tighten or fall off. Our CLASSIC glasses come with a soft case which can also be used as a cleaning cloth.    

    In our PREMIUM collection you will find men's reading glasses for NOK 349. All our PREMIUM glasses are made from sustainable acetate. Acetate is an extremely flexible and pliable material, which means that the glasses can be easily adapted to your face. See how to do it HERE . All our PREMIUM glasses come with a cleaning cloth and a case in imitation leather.      

    Which men's reading glasses should I get?    

    If you are going to get your very first men's reading glasses, you may be in doubt about which one to choose. First of all, it is important to know your strength. It is normal to need your first reading glasses when you are around 40 years old. Here you will typically start by using +1. After this, the strength will generally increase by +0.5 every five years. It is important to say that spectacle strengths are individual. Therefore, it may be a good idea to visit an optician if you are in any doubt about the strength.    

    At HART & HOLM you always get a free replacement if you get the wrong strength in the first place. This means that we switch to another strength - completely free of charge.    

    Once you know your strength, it's time to decide how your glasses should look. Should it be classic black and round or are you more into striking glasses with splashes of colour? You can also take your face shape as a starting point, as it can have an impact on which glasses suit you. See our guide to glasses and face shapes right HERE . However, remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your new reading glasses. When you feel good, you also look better!    

    Can you wear reading glasses all the time?    

    You should only wear reading glasses when you are reading, sitting in front of a computer screen or looking at your mobile phone. Reading glasses are therefore designed to help you see at short distances. Reading glasses only have one strength - also called single strength lenses. If you also need to be able to see further away, then you may need glasses with multi-strength lenses. Here we are talking about glasses with a sliding transition, which have several different strengths in the glass.    

    Even if you need glasses with multi-strength lenses, reading glasses can still be a good idea. When there is the same strength in the entire lens, you do not have to twist your neck to find the right strength in the lens.    

    How do I find the right reading glasses for men?    

    If you are in doubt about what shape your men's reading glasses should have, you can take your face shape as a starting point. Remember that the guide here is indicative and that you should always choose the glasses you feel best in.    

    Round face: Narrow or square glasses create depth and make the face smaller.  

    Oval face: You are one of the lucky ones. Most glasses suit this face shape, so there is free choice on all shelves.    

    Square face: Go for glasses that accentuate your softer shapes. Go for sunglasses that are round, cateye or pilot glasses.    

    Oblong face: If you have an oblong face, most glasses will suit you. However, be careful with glasses that are very narrow or square. They can easily make your face look even longer.    

    If you want to read even more about face shapes and reading glasses, you can see our extended guide right HERE .    

    When do you need reading glasses?    

    If you find it difficult to see the letters in your book and have to stretch your arm far out to be able to see a little - then it's probably time for a pair of men's reading glasses. It is quite normal to need reading glasses when you reach around 40 to 50 years of age. Fortunately, you will find a large selection of fine reading glasses at HART & HOLM.    

    Can vision improve with age?    

    As you age, the lens in your eye becomes stiffer and flatter, making it harder to focus. It is normal to feel it when you are between 40 and 50 years old. When you are around 60 years old, your vision will not usually change any more, but until then, it is normal for your strength to change. In general, your strength will increase by approximately +0.5 every five years.   

    Fortunately, your presbyopia can be easily corrected with single-strength reading glasses. When you have presbyopia, you need glasses with plus strength, as you have difficulty seeing things that are close. Remember that it can be a good idea to visit your optician if you are very doubtful about your strength.  

    Are reading glasses plus or minus?    

    When you need men's reading glasses, it is because you have difficulty seeing things that are close. For example, when you are reading or sitting in front of a screen. That's why you need glasses with plus strength. If, on the other hand, you have difficulty seeing things that are far away, then you must use glasses with negative power. At HART & HOLM you will find both men's reading glasses and minus glasses. See our entire selection of minus glasses for men HERE .  

    Buy reading glasses for men | HART & HOLM    

    Are you looking for reading glasses for men? Shop your new favorite reading glasses online at HART & HOLM at great prices. Your men's reading glasses are always delivered in a beautiful patterned HART & HOLM box with a glasses case and a cleaning cloth. With this, your glasses are always well protected when you are not wearing them.  

    At HART&HOLM, you always get a DKK 100 discount and free shipping when you buy 3 pairs of glasses. When you shop with us, we lovingly pack your glasses and send them to you within 1-2 working days.  

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