Have you just received your #HARTANDHOLM glasses, but are unsure how to care for them? Then you can read much more here!

The polishing cloth is absolutely the best against greasy fingers

If your spectacle lenses are full of greasy fingers or greasy marks from your eyebrows or skin, it's time to use a polishing cloth. When you buy a pair of PREMIUM glasses, our own microfiber cleaning cloth is included. When you buy a pair of CLASSIC glasses, you can use the inside of the included soft case. You can also buy our large polishing cloth HERE .

A fiber polishing cloth cleans without water because it absorbs the grease. And then it leaves the glasses antistatic after polishing.

Sticky and dirt requires water or glasses

If you've got ice, soda, mascara or something else stuck on your reading glasses, you need to clean the glasses, which contain alcohol that dissolves the grease. You can also use lukewarm water with sulfo, which also dissolves fat.
If you have gotten dirt on the glass that could scratch it, it is important that you rinse your glasses in water. Then you avoid driving the dirt around and scratching the lens.
See our guide on how to clean your glasses with our glasses cleaner:
See our guide on how to clean your glasses with soap and water:

How often should you wash your glasses?

Clean glasses are nice, but too much cleaning is destructive.
Never use fingernails to remove dirt, as this can scratch the surface treatment of the lens.
You should also not wash the glasses too often, because then you risk the rubber pads at the bridge of the nose becoming dull and dull.

Use case

When you are not using your reading glasses, you should always store them in a case. In the bag, car door or drawer - they are best all alone.
For optimal protection, you can use our "Hard Case" case, which both protects your glasses from damage, scratches and scuffs. find it HERE .