We have collected some ideas for you, so you can be helped along the way 🎁 

A weekend trip to a European city for someone you care about

You can find many cheap plane or train tickets to many of the big cities around Europe. If the recipient of the gift loves history, a city like Berlin or Rome will be good options to make the gift more personal. If it is shopping the recipient loves, then London is always the obvious choice. Be sure to consider the recipient's interest when you choose which city you are going to.

Tip: Wrap the gift card with a pair of our sunglasses for NOK 199 so they're ready for the holidays. It also gives something to wrap, so there is something more than a card.

A pair of BlueLight glasses for the student

As a student, you often spend many hours in front of the computer, and this can lead to tired eyes, headaches and sleep problems. It is the result of many hours in front of a screen that emits artificial blue light. You get natural blue light in everyday life, but what comes from electronic devices is artificial and when you are overexposed it enters and affects the brain. When you look at a screen in the evening, e.g. in and reduces the production of our sleep hormone because the brain thinks it is daytime.

This helps to make you less tired and has more difficulty falling asleep. A pair of our BlueLight glasses block a part of the blue light coming from your devices, thus helping to alleviate these problems.

We have a large selection of smart BlueLight glasses from just NOK 249. See the large selection HERE .

Psst We have BlueLight glasses both with and without strength.

One of the year's bestselling books for mum or dad

A good book is always a way to relax, and something that many appreciate. Find inspiration among this year's bestsellers! It could be Jussi Adler-Olsen's Natrium Chlorid , for those who love a good crime story, or Anders Matthesen's Livsstil , which is a lifestyle book that has a humorous approach to self-development and self-help.

Tip: Give a pair of Hart&Holm reading glasses together with the book, so you are sure that the recipient will get it all ;) Find much more inspiration for this year's bestsellers here:

A piece of jewelry or accessories for her

"A diamond is a girl's best friend"

You can never go wrong in the city by giving her a nice piece of jewelry or an accessory! We usually have more fun and better when we feel good in what we wear - and jewelery and accessories can always help to pimp up an outfit, so we feel extra gorgeous. A piece of jewelery that is used often - perhaps every day - is also a nice gift for the recipient, who can think of the person who gave the gift every time the piece is taken out.

Our CEO, Marianne, always wears her reading glasses as a 'jewelry' to compliment her outfit and mood. That is why beauty is also our trademark, because we believe that you should make an effort in life and with the things you surround yourself with. Aesthetics in life is important, and we are quite sure that you become happier by surrounding yourself with beautiful things. Design should make you happy, and that is why we have taken the trouble to design a large selection of reading glasses that work as a piece of jewelery for your outfit. Therefore, our reading glasses are also the perfect gift for her, who has started to squint extra when she has to read something, and who at the same time appreciates good quality and design.

See our large selection of reading glasses HERE.

Something homemade for a special person

It's always the thought that counts when you give a gift, and homemade gifts are always something special. When you put time, energy and love into a homemade gift, it can always be felt - especially by the recipient - especially if it is for a family member or a good friend who means a little extra. So if you have some creative genes and can crochet, knit, paint or something completely different, find the creative equipment and get started.

There are always many kinds of creative projects to be found on Pinterest or Instagram - it's just a matter of getting started looking for something you can make.

Tip: If you don't have great creative skills, there are many DIY projects that don't require great skills. Order e.g. a kit home to make a homemade leather ring with a personal imprint! Find a guide on how to do it HERE .

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