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Beautiful glasses at good prices.
Your style begins with your eyes - treat yourself to high-quality Danish design at reasonable prices. Find your next favorite glasses among our large selection of reading glasses, sunglasses and Blue Light glasses.


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It's not how beautiful you look, it's how amazing you feel!

Our customers demand glasses in a nice design, and like us, do not compromise on quality - even when it comes to our everyday glasses. Beauty is our trademark, and we are sure that we become happier by surrounding ourselves with beautiful things. Design should make us happy.

So now you can get reading glasses, sunglasses and sunglasses with strength in Danish Design with inspiration taken from Italy.
On top of that, you can order them home with a clear conscience and without having to blow the budget, because as one of our satisfied customers says:

" It's value for money all the way!"



That's what our customers say


I've been looking for smart sunglasses with strength without costing a "farm"
I found what I was looking for at Hart & Holm
Fantastic quality and super good service 👍🏽😃👍🏽

Britt Bargisen Petry

I have bought several pairs of reading glasses, and also prescription sunglasses. They are all in a super smart design and a really good quality - a find for the price! The bonus is that they sit well on the forehead when you just need to see something else and they come with a unique case that is both nice to look at and protects the glasses optimally 😊 can really be recommended! By the way, my husband became envious, so now he has a pair too 😜

Tina Holmstoel Andreasen

I have a pair of nice sunglasses from HART & HOLM, they have a nice look, and come in a nice set, where there is both a cleaning cloth, a nice case, and a beautiful box that has a decorative value for purposes other than the box for the glasses .

The design of the sunglasses is modern and the glass is absolutely perfect in sunlight, the film is not so dark that the light changes completely, but at the same time it is fully effective in terms of shielding from sunlight.

Lisa Jonassen Rasmussen

I am so super happy with my three glasses from HART & HOLM! They are everywhere I go and I get compliments on them daily. The fact that they also come in a nice glasses case, which I can now be familiar with taking out of the bag, also means a lot. Service and delivery were top class. I give HART & HOLM my warmest recommendations!

Kristina Fröhlich

Just received the coolest prescription sunglasses. Super nice design, delicious quality and fast delivery.

All in all, a good experience and can definitely be recommended 👍

Mona Qaddoum

Super nice design at very reasonable prices! Thought out to the last detail! SUCH nice "jewelry" for the eyes!

Martin Schwartz

Cool glasses at a really good price 😎

Birgitte Hammerum Andersen

Nice sunglasses and very user-friendly website, easy and fast delivery 😀

Theresa Færch

Fantastic service and super delicious reading glasses. I will definitely be back!

Anja Dybdahl

When are glasses necessary?

Have the letters in your book become indistinct and you have difficulty seeing what is written on your computer screen? Then a pair of reading glasses may have become necessary.

From the time we turn 40, our vision often begins to change. The fact that you suddenly need glasses is therefore completely normal. As you age, the lens of your eye becomes stiffer, and this means that it becomes more difficult for your eye to focus.

When you need your first reading glasses, you typically start with +1.00 strength. As you get older, you will often find that the strength needs to be higher. A rule of thumb is that the strength increases by +0.5 every 5 years. As you approach 60, the strength will mostly not change that much anymore.

However, it may also be necessary to wear glasses, even if you can see easily. If you spend many hours in front of the screen daily, and experience problems such as headaches, difficulty sleeping and dry eyes - then a pair of Blue Light glasses can be the solution.

Which glasses should I choose?

Are you in doubt about which glasses suit you? The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your new glasses. When you feel good, you also look good. If you still need a guideline when choosing a pair of glasses - your face shape is a good place to start.

Depending on whether you have an oval, square, heart-shaped or round face, there may be certain glasses that suit you better than others. You can read much more about face shapes and glasses right HERE .

If you are in doubt about which type of glasses to choose, there are also a few rules of thumb you can follow. If you have difficulty seeing the letters when you read, then it is probably time for reading glasses. If you can't see what's written on the blackboard for class, it's probably time for a pair of minus glasses. If you spend many hours in front of the screen, then Blue Light glasses can be a good idea. If you have both a lot of screen time and difficulty reading the small letters, the solution is Blue Light glasses with strength.

How often should you get new glasses?

If you suddenly can't see clearly with your glasses, then it's probably time for a new pair. With age, your strength will change. Therefore, you will often find that the strength needs to be turned up a little after a few years. Are you in doubt about how much? So start by increasing your strength by +0.5 and see if that helps. If you are in any doubt as to which strength is the right one - then it might be a good idea to have an eye test done.

If the strength is right, your glasses can last a long time. Especially if you are good at looking after them. The best way to take care of your glasses is to store them in a case when they are not in use. It is also a good idea to polish them when needed. See how to do it in our guide right HERE .

When you use your glasses a lot, they can become looser in the temples over time. Fortunately, there is also a solution for that. The small screws in the glasses can easily be screwed back on, so your glasses are as good as new again. In our polishing set , you get both polishing tools and a screwdriver, so your glasses can last for years.

Are reading glasses plus or minus?

Reading glasses are intended for those who have difficulty seeing the small letters when reading. Perhaps you have experienced that you have to hold the book outstretched to be able to see them. When you need reading glasses, you use plus power and are farsighted. This means that you can see things that are far away, but have difficulty focusing on things that are close.

Conversely, if you are nearsighted, you can see things that are close, but have difficulty seeing things at a distance. Myopia means you need minus glasses. It is quite normal to need reading glasses when you are around 40 to 50 years old. You will usually find that your strength will increase slightly in the first few years. By the time you're around 60, your vision won't usually change that much anymore.

If you also need reading glasses, you will find our entire selection right HERE .

What are Blue Light glasses good for?

Blue Light glasses are perfect for you who spend many hours in front of the screen every day. It may be that you sit for many hours in front of the computer at the office, the studio or in your spare time. Your eyes will be exposed to blue light from your devices throughout the day. It is not dangerous in itself, but can cause discomfort. You may experience red and dry eyes and a headache.

Too much blue light in the evening can also cause you to have difficulty sleeping at night. When your brain experiences artificial blue light, it mistakenly thinks it is daylight. Therefore, it will try to keep you awake by producing less of the sleep hormone melatonin, which will make you tired in the evening. Poor or lack of sleep can lead to problems in everyday life such as difficulty concentrating and lethargy.

With a pair of Blue Light glasses, you can prevent the nuisance because Blue Light glasses contain a filter in the glass which filters blue light. See our entire selection of sunglasses HERE .

Which sunglasses provide the best protection?

In order for your eyes to be fully protected, it is important that the lens of your sunglasses has UV400 sun protection.

UV400 means that your eyes are protected against rays equal to or shorter than 400 nanometers. It covers all UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This means that your eyes are fully protected against the sun's dangerous rays when you wear sunglasses with UV400 in the lenses. You can somewhat compare the UV protection with the one you find in your sunscreen, which protects you from sunburn. The eyes can actually also become sunburned, which can cause temporary or permanent damage in the long term. It is therefore extra important that you take good care of your eyes in the sun.

All the sunglasses you find at HART & HOLM naturally have UV400 in the lenses. That way, you can feel completely safe when you wear our sunglasses. See our entire selection of sunglasses HERE .