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    How much do Blue Light glasses for women cost?

    At HART & HOLM you will find Blue Light glasses for women at prices from DKK 249 in our CLASSIC collection. All our CLASSIC glasses are made of quality lightweight material with flexible hinges. They always include a soft velor case, which can also be used as a cleaning cloth.
    Our PREMIUM Blue Light glasses for women cost DKK 349. Here you will find a large selection of glasses, all of which are made of the material acetate. Acetate is extremely flexible and pliable. This means that you can easily adapt your glasses to exactly your face. See how to do it in our video guide right HERE .
    Remember that you always get a DKK 100 discount and free shipping when you buy 3 pairs of glasses at HART & HOLM.

    Where can you buy Blue Light glasses?

    At HART & HOLM you will find a large selection of Blue Light glasses. Choose between women's, men's, with and without Power, as well as our CLASSIC and PREMIUM collections. You can find them all here at the shop hartandholm.com. The prices of our Blue Light glasses start from 249.
    If you want to try your glasses on, we also have a large number of dealers around the country. Our dealers are spread over Zealand, Jutland, Funen and the islands. See the entire list right HERE .

    Why blue glasses?

    Glasses with a Blue Light filter in the lenses help to block the blue light that comes from screens. It can reduce nuisances such as difficulty sleeping, headaches and dry eyes, which can come from a lot of screen time.
    At HART & HOLM you will find a large selection of Blue Light glasses, all of which have a Blue Light filter in the lenses. Choose between Blue Light glasses for women, men, with power and without Power.

    How harmful is blue light?

    Blue light itself is not harmful. In fact, your eyes are exposed to blue light quite naturally during the day in the form of daylight from the sun. The problem is when they are exposed to it artificially for many hours daily. Too much artificial blue light can lead to various ailments. Some of them are red and dry eyes, headaches and difficulty sleeping. To avoid these inconveniences, it may be a good idea to have a pair of Blue Light glasses.

    Which Blue Light glasses for women suit my face shape?

    If you need a few tips on which women's Blue Light glasses suit your face, then you can take your face shape as a starting point. There may be some glasses that suit your face better than others. However, always remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your new glasses. It can be seen when you feel comfortable. See some guidelines on Blue Light glasses for women and face shapes right here:
    Round face: Go for angular frames, which can break the round shape. Round glasses will emphasize and exaggerate the round shape of your face.
    Square face: Go for round glasses that accentuate your softer features. Glasses that sit high on the face will make your face look longer and compliment your face beautifully.
    Oval face: You are one of the lucky ones who can use most eyeglass frames. You can easily allow yourself to experiment a little with wild spectacle frames in all sorts of shapes.
    If you want to know even more about face shapes and eyeglass frames, you will find our extended guide right HERE .

    Can you use Blue Light glasses all the time?

    You should only use your ladies Blue Light glasses when you are sitting in front of a screen. Whether it is the television, the mobile phone or a computer screen. Your eyes benefit from the natural bluish daylight that they get outside during the day. Therefore, you should rather leave the Blue Light glasses inside when you go out.

    When should you use Blue Light glasses?

    Blue Light glasses must be used when sitting in front of a screen. It may be that you have a job where you sit a lot in front of a computer screen. Maybe you really like watching series in the evening before bed or scroll diligently on your mobile phone? Regardless of how you spend your screen time, a pair of Blue Light glasses can be a good idea. With them on, you can reduce discomfort such as headaches, dry eyes and difficulty sleeping when you spend many hours in front of a screen.

    What do glasses do with Blue Light?

    Blue Light glasses filter blue light from screens. In Blue Light glasses there is a filter which filters out some of the blue light that comes from e.g. computer screens, the TV and your mobile phone. Blue light is not harmful in itself. But if your eyes are exposed to the artificial blue light for many hours every day, you may experience discomfort. Blue light can give you dry eyes, headaches and trouble sleeping. Difficulty sleeping in particular is a big problem, as your body needs sleep to function optimally in everyday life. When your brain experiences artificial blue light, it mistakenly thinks that it is daylight. This means that it will naturally try to keep you awake. The brain does this by lowering the production of the hormone melatonin.
    Melatonin is also called the "sleep hormone", as it helps you to get tired when it is dark. If your body then lowers the production of the hormone, you will be able to experience sleep problems. Poor sleep can give you difficulty concentrating, lower mood and headaches. Therefore, it is a good idea to have Blue Light glasses so that you can prevent the problems.

    Buy Blue Light glasses for women | HART & HOLM

    Are you looking for Blue Light glasses for women? Shop your new favorite Blue Light glasses online at HART & HOLM at great prices. Your ladies' Blue Light glasses are always delivered in a beautiful patterned HART & HOLM box with a glasses case and a cleaning cloth. With this, your glasses are always well protected when you are not wearing them.
    At HART&HOLM, you always get a DKK 100 discount and free shipping when you buy 3 pairs of glasses. When you shop with us, we lovingly pack your glasses and send them to you within 1-2 working days.

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