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    17 products
    Moss Black Champagne Brown +5
    Torino Reading Glasses - CLASSIC
    Brown Turtle Black Brown Mat Black +2
    Milano Reading Glasses - CLASSIC
    Smoke Golden Black Blue +3
    Lazio Reading glasses - CLASSIC
    Lucky bag - Reading glasses
    Rose gold Gold
    Lucca Reading glasses - PREMIUM
    Catania Rose Læsebrille - PREMIUM
    Catania Black Læsebrille - PREMIUM
    Biella Champagne Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Black Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Rose Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Olive Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Grey Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Creme Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Walnut Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Golden Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Toffee Læsebrille - CLASSIC
    Biella Moss Læsebrille - CLASSIC

    What is the cost minus glasses for women? 

    At HART & HOLM you will find minus glasses for women at prices from DKK 199 in our CLASSIC collection. All glasses in our CLASSIC collection are made of quality lightweight materials with flexible hinges. A soft velor case is always included, which can also be used as a cleaning cloth. 
    In our PREMIUM collection you will find glasses at prices from DKK 349. Our PREMIUM glasses are made of the material acetate, which is extremely flexible. This means that the glasses can be easily adapted to your face. See how you can easily adjust your acetate glasses right HERE . A foldable case in imitation leather is always included when you choose our PREMIUM glasses.   

    Which minus glasses for women suit my face? 

    If you are in doubt about which minus glasses suit your face, then you can start from your face shape. There may be certain eyeglass frames that suit certain face shapes better. However, always remember to choose the glasses that you feel most comfortable with. If you feel good, you also look better. See our mini guide for women minus glasses right here: 
    Round face: Go for angular frames, which can contrast with your soft face shape. If, on the contrary, you choose round glasses, they will exaggerate and highlight your round face shape. 
    Square face: Round spectacle frames suit you well and help highlight your softer sides. 
    Heart-shaped face: Go for glasses with a cat-eye effect or aviator glasses, as they compliment your face shape nicely. You can also easily use both square and round eyeglass frames. 
    Oval face: You are one of the lucky ones who can use most types of eyeglass frames. You can easily allow yourself to be brave and make some more daring choices. 
    If you would like to read more about women minus glasses and face shapes, we have made an extended guide for you right HERE . 

    Where do you buy minus glasses for women? 

    You can buy minus glasses for both men and women at HART & HOLM online at our webshop. Prices start from NOK 199 in our CLASSIC collection. 
    If you prefer to try the glasses on, we have dealers all over the country. See our entire dealer list right HERE .  

    What is the difference between plus and minus glasses?   

    If you need glasses with plus strength, it means that you have difficulty focusing on things that are close. It could be, for example, that you have to hold the book outstretched when you have to read or you can't see the letters on your mobile phone. Most people need glasses with plus power when they are around 40 to 50 years old. When you have brother plus strength in your glasses, you are farsighted. At HART & HOLM you will find the plus strengths +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5 and +3. See our entire selection of reading glasses right HERE . 
    If you need minus glasses, then you have the opposite difficulty in seeing things at a distance. It is called myopia. At HART & HOLM you will find minus glasses in strengths -1, -1.5 and -2. 

    Is minus myopia?   

    If you need glasses with minus power, then you are nearsighted. This means that you have difficulty seeing things at a distance, but can see things that are close well. If you are in doubt about your strength, it might be a good idea to visit an optician to check it out. Remember that you are always free to exchange with us if the strength does not suit you. Read more about our strength guarantee right HERE .   

    Can vision improve with age? 

    With age, the lens of the eye becomes stiffer. This means that you have a harder time focusing than when you were younger. Vision does not improve with age. In fact, it is quite normal to need reading glasses when you reach around 40 to 50 years old. Here it is typically plus strengths that you need to use. Read more about it HERE . 

    What does minus mean on glasses?   

    If your glasses are of minus strength, then this means that you are nearsighted. Nearsightedness means that you have difficulty seeing things at a distance. Conversely, you may be able to easily see things that are close. At HART & HOLM you will find a large selection of fine minus glasses for both men and women. Our lady minus glasses are available in strengths –1, -1.5 and –2.     

    What is the lowest power in minus glasses from HART & HOLM?   

    With us, our lady minus glasses starts at strength -1. If you are in doubt about which strength you should use, we have a strength guarantee. This means that you can have your glasses exchanged for a different strength if the first one was wrong. It may also be a good idea to visit an optician and have your eyesight tested if you are in any doubt about your strength.   

    Are reading glasses plus or minus?  

    Reading glasses are used when you have to read things that are close - hence the name. It can be, for example, on a computer screen or in a newspaper. When you have difficulty reading things that are close and need reading glasses, then you need to look for glasses with plus strength. It is quite normal to need reading glasses when you are around 40 to 50 years old. Typically, you will need the strength +1 first. Your strength will usually change by +0.5 every five years until you are about 60 years old. After this, the strength will become more stable.   

    Buy minus glasses for women | HART & HOLM   

    At HART & HOLM you will find ladies minus glasses at prices starting at NOK 199 in our CLASSIC collection. If you are looking for several pairs of minus glasses for women, we also offer NOK 100 off and free shipping when you buy 3 pairs of glasses. We lovingly wrap your order and you will receive your new glasses within 1-2 working days. 
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