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    9 products
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    Can you get Blue Light glasses with strength?  

    At HART & HOLM you will find a large selection of Blue Light glasses, both with and without power. Our Blue Light glasses with strength are available in various plus strengths: +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5 and +3. You will find them at prices from NOK 249 and up to NOK 349.  

    Blue Light glasses with strength may be necessary if you need reading glasses and at the same time have many hours of screen time daily. It is quite normal to need reading glasses when you are around 40 to 50 years old. Here you will typically start by using +1. After this, the strength will typically increase by +0.5 every five years. Once you're around 60, your strength will rarely change any more.  

    If you do not yet need Blue Light glasses with strength, you can see our selection without strength right HERE .  


    Why should you use Blue Light glasses?  

    Blue light is a MUST HAVE if you are a student, sitting in an office environment or just love to follow what is happening on your small mobile screen. Screen glasses go in and protect your eyes against the blue light that is emitted from the screens of your devices. In this way, your eyes can relax more during the course of the day. With BlueLight glasses with strength, they get both the protective effect and help to read the texts that are written in small print. Remember to give your eyes the best in the world - you only get one pair. Glasses are the accessory of the face! They can be beautiful and functional, and a pair of stylish glasses really put the finishing touch on your look. BlueLight glasses are a must-have for you who want to protect your eyes in a stylish way. Get inspiration to style your new screen glasses here!  


    Is there a difference between Blue Light glasses?  

    At HART & HOLM you will find different types of Blue Light glasses - some with strength and some without. In addition, you can choose between our CLASSIC and PREMIUM collection, where the price starts from DKK 249. What all our Blue Light glasses have in common is that they are made of quality materials, which have been developed to fit you perfectly. This means that they must neither be tight nor sit heavily on your face. Glasses from our PREMIUM collection are made of the material acetate, which means that they can be easily adjusted. See how to adjust your acetate glasses right HERE .  

    All of our Blue Light glasses contain a very special filter that filters out the blue light that comes from your screens. This means that you can avoid inconveniences such as headaches, difficulty sleeping and irritated eyes. Our Blue Light glasses block up to 40% of all blue light. Read much more about Blue Light glasses right HERE .  


    FACTS about BlueLight with strength  

    Protects your eyes against the blue light from screen devices ✓  

    Filters up to 40% of the blue light from screens ✓  

    Can relieve headaches ✓  

    Reduces tension & fatigue in the eyes ✓  

    Can reduce possible sleep difficulties ✓  

    Helps you read the fine print while protecting your eyes ✓  


    How much do Blue Light glasses protect?  

    Our Blue Light glasses contain a filter that filters up to 40% of the blue light emitted by your screens. Choose from a large selection with and without strength and for women and men.  


    Is Blue Light Dangerous?  

    Blue Light is not harmful in itself. In fact, you are exposed to blue light naturally from the sun every day. The natural blue light helps to keep you fresh and awake during the day. Conversely, when you are exposed to artificial blue light from screens for many hours a day, the problem can arise. Too many hours of screen time can lead to discomfort such as irritated eyes, headaches and difficulty sleeping.  

    When you are exposed to artificial blue light from screens, your brain mistakenly thinks that it is daylight. This means that your brain produces less of the hormone melatonin, which is a sleep hormone. Melatonin helps you to get tired in the evening and can fall asleep. Therefore, it is particularly problematic when you have screen time right before bed. Fortunately, a pair of Blue Light glasses can be the solution to the problem, so you can get your night's sleep. A lack of sleep at night can mean that you have difficulty concentrating, headaches and a low energy level during the day.  


    What can BlueLight Glasses also be used for?  

    In addition to BlueLight glasses protecting your precious eyes from the blue light of all your screen devices, you can also use your glasses to complete the look of your entire outfit. The final finish is hugely important. Give your silhouette a new fashion statement - put the finishing touches and underline your personal style with a pair of Danish-designed sunglasses. We believe that glasses should not only help with your vision, but should also act as a beautiful accessory that matches your style exactly and frames your beautiful face to perfection, be it feminine, raw, casual, stylish or classic expression you are looking for.  


    How much do Blue Light prescription glasses cost?  

    At HART & HOLM you can find Blue Light glasses with strength in our CLASSIC collection for NOK 249. All our CLASSIC glasses are made of quality lightweight materials. A soft case in gray velor is always included when you choose our CLASSIC glasses.  

    In our PREMIUM collection you will find glasses for NOK 349. All our PREMIUM glasses are made from the material acetate. Acetate is a very flexible and flexible material. This means that you can easily adapt the glasses to exactly your face. See how to adjust your acetate glasses in our video guide right HERE .  

    Buy BlueLight Glasses with strength | HART & HOLM  

    If you are looking for several pairs of BlueLight glasses with strength, we also offer NOK 100 off and free shipping when you buy 3 pairs of glasses. We lovingly wrap your order and you will receive your new glasses within 1-2 working days.
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