1) It happens in your eye when you focus!

From the age of 40, your eyes find it harder to focus between distances. Your poor vision is caused by the "zoom" function of your eyes becoming worn and tired, so the ability to focus is reduced. This is a natural part of the aging process. The phenomenon is called by many as AGE VISION or OLD MAN VISION.

It may Do NOT eat away, exercise away or stop by supplementing with supplements or vitamin pills.

When your vision is sharp and focuses at different distances, it happens by purely reflexively adapting the eye to what you have to see by stretching the lens out so that it is more or less flat. The size or how flat your lens becomes is controlled by a muscle that sits around your eye and attaches to the eye's lens. When you focus on something that is close to you, e.g. your mobile phone or a book, the muscle relaxes and the lens of the eye takes on a rounder shape, which moves your focus closer. In other words, your eyes zoom in on something that is close.

2) Why can't you focus?

When you were a child or teenager, the lens of your eye was soft and flexible, but with age it becomes stiffer. As the lens becomes stiffer, it also becomes flatter, and at some point the lens of your eye becomes so stiff and flat that it becomes harder to focus. You usually start to feel it at some point when you are between 40 and 50 years old. Most people at that age know the feeling of having to hold the mobile phone further away than before in order to read the message. When you have difficulty seeing what is close, you are farsighted. From the age of approx. 60 years, your vision usually does not change any more.

3) No, your vision cannot deteriorate from wearing glasses!

Your vision will not be impaired by wearing glasses. Regardless of whether you use glasses that don't quite match the strength, it won't harm your vision. It doesn't matter whether you use glasses with too much power or one with too little power. The only thing that happens is that you don't see as well as you could have.

4) Fortunately, your presbyopia can be easily corrected with single strength reading glasses 😊

The vast majority of people can correct their vision for the first several years after they have acquired age-related vision by using reading glasses when they have to read, sit at a computer or use their mobile phone. Reading glasses are fortunately much cheaper today than in the past, and there are far more options. You can therefore easily have many different reading glasses. You can have a pair that suits your mood or your clothing style in all situations, for everyday life and for parties, a bold pair of glasses and a classic pair of glasses. When you have presbyopia, you must buy glasses with PLUS power.

5) When reading glasses are no longer enough!

As you need greater strength, or you can no longer do without glasses to see far, most people choose to buy glasses with a sliding transition. It is a pair of glasses where the individual lenses have different strengths depending on where in the lens you look through. Glasses with a sliding transition are usually a more expensive solution, but you avoid taking the glasses on and off. However, reading glasses with single strength can still be difficult to do without! For example, if you lie down and read on the sofa, in bed or by the pool, and if you sit at your computer for a long time at a time and would like to be able to see the entire screen clearly, without straining your neck to find the right one strength in the glass, reading glasses are still one MUST .

Another solution could be an operation in the eye, where the lens is changed to an artificial lens. The vast majority get a good result, but for some there may be some side effects such as dry eyes and difficulty seeing at dusk. For a small percentage, there is a risk that more and more bothersome side effects will occur.

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