Why use sunglasses with UV400?

Have you bought cheap sunglasses of poor quality in the past because you don't see the point in demanding quality from your sunglasses? We have also done that once. But now we have learned how important it is to buy sunglasses that have UV400 to protect the eyes and we would really like to learn that from us, so that you also demand quality from your sunglasses - no matter the price.

UV400 in your sunglasses works for the eyes as sunscreen does for the skin. It protects against the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.
Without UV protection, the sun can damage your eyes both temporarily and long-term. That is why we naturally have 100% UV400 in ALL our sunglasses.

Temporary problems

Intense UV exposure can cause problems such as swollen, bloodshot and photosensitive eyes. Your eyes can also, after just a few hours in the sun without protection, experience what is colloquially called snow blindness, which is the equivalent of a sunburn of the skin, just in the eye. This means that, like a sunburn, it goes away after a day or two, but it can be very painful.

Long-term problems

The complications that can occur in the long term are many and serious. They are the biggest reason why we need to protect our eyes from the sun.
Cancer is one of the worst, but also typical complications with UV rays in and around the eye. There is cancer both in the eye and around the eye. Between 70-80 cases of eye cancer are diagnosed each year. However, there are between 400-600 Danes who are operated on every year for skin cancer on the eyelid caused by UV radiation.

Choose the right glass

Any sunglass lens with UV protection is better than no UV protection, but there are some types of lens that are better for certain conditions than others. Here you can find a guide that makes you a little smarter about what types of sunglass lenses are available and what effect the different ones have.

Polarizing glass

This type of sunglass glass excludes the ultraviolet light that is reflected from horizontal surfaces, such as water, snow and wet surfaces. This makes them suitable for a trip on skis or a sailing trip on the water. They are comfortable and relaxing for the eyes and are available in many shades.

Mirror glass

This type of sunglass lens throws back reflections and eliminates glare from sunlight and increases eye comfort. This makes them suitable for water sports and skiing and it looks super cool. Mirrored glass has also become a fashion trend, which can be seen in different colors and frame types, which can highlight your personal style.

Green glass

A good all-round sunglass lens that absorbs blue light reduces glare while maintaining color balance. It improves contrast without reaching blue-blocker level. In addition, it also looks super smart.

Pink and slightly reddish glasses

Provides even sharper contrast in poor light conditions in fog and snow compared to the yellow lens, as the pink color emphasizes the warm tones. The red color is also good in poor light conditions in the forest and on days when the sun is not at its strongest, but you still want a bit of color in the glass and protect your eyes from UV rays.

Gray glass

A cool-neutral color that is good for most purposes because it preserves the color differences. You will never go wrong in the city with a gray glass and they are extra good for sports and driving.

Brown glasses

A brown glass with warm tones is pleasant to look at and increases the contrast with the green colours. In addition to being smart fashion glasses with an all-around function, they are particularly good for activities out in nature where you need great contrast with green.

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