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    ... you get a pair of glasses in the same high quality, which is preferred by many of the biggest glasses companies, but for just € 5,23,-. The glasses are made of lightweight material, so you can fully express yourself with them on - regardless of which sport is your favourite. Of course, we have also made sure to test them well so that they sit comfortably on your face.  
    All our sports glasses are unisex. That is, they suit everyone, regardless of gender. This applies both in fit, fit and overall impression. See more of our sunglasses for men and women .  
    All our sports glasses are delivered in a beautiful white box with a gold logo on the outside. Of course, a case in gray velor is also included, which also functions as a cleaning cloth.  

    What are sports glasses?  

    Sports glasses are lightweight sunglasses that you can use when you are active - or any other time when you want to protect your eyes from the sun's rays. They contain UV400 and therefore work just like ordinary sunglasses for your eyes. The difference is that sports glasses are designed to fit well and comfortably when you are active. Wear them on your run, when you're out cycling or on a sunny day on the padel court.  

    How much UV should be in sports glasses?  

    The same applies to sports glasses as to other sunglasses. Your eyes are only fully protected against the sun's rays when the glasses contain UV400. That's why all our sunglasses have just that. This applies regardless of whether you choose sports glasses, sunglasses without power or sunglasses with power. UV400 means that the lenses in your sunglasses protect against all UV rays that are equal to or shorter than 400 nanometers. It includes all UV rays. In other words, UV400 protects 100% against the sun's harsh rays.  
    If you are also looking for regular sunglasses with UV400, you will find a large selection at HART & HOLM. Here you will find both men's and women's sunglasses, with and without Power. Choose between sunglasses in our CLASSIC and PREMIUM category.  

    When should I use sports glasses?  

    You can use sports glasses when you play sports and are active. They do not weigh a trace and are comfortable to wear, even if you are physically active. Maybe you wear them when you are out cycling, running for a long walk or playing tennis on a warm and sunny summer day.  
    You can of course also use sports glasses when you are not exercising. We have spent a long time designing our sports glasses. That's why they're so cool that you also want to wear them when you go for a run or are on the racing bike. Throw them in your hair, wear them when you are at a festival or let them be the finishing touch to your summer outfit.  

    Can you get sports glasses with power?  

    At HART & HOLM you will not yet find sports glasses with power. On the other hand, we have a selection of regular sunglasses with power , which you can use when, for example, you have to read in the sun. You will find them for both men and women.  

    Why should you use sports glasses?  

    It can be a good idea to use a pair of running glasses or cycling glasses when you exercise in the bright sun. The advantage of wearing running glasses or cycling glasses is that you can perform better when you are not blinded by the sun. In addition, all our sports glasses contain UV400, which means that your eyes are 100% protected from the sun's harsh rays. It is also an advantage that the sports glasses help you not to get sand, small insects and other things in your eyes when you move. With running glasses or cycling glasses, you take good care of your eyes when you are active.  

    How much do sports glasses cost?  

    Sports glasses at HART & HOLM cost only 399 - because we insist on delivering quality at good prices. If you buy 3 pairs, you can also save NOK 100 and get free shipping. The offer also applies to our regular sunglasses , reading glasses and Blue Light glasses - mix and match as you like.  

    Where can you buy sports glasses?  

    You will find a lot of nice sports glasses online at HART & HOLM. We have made in the best quality and at the best price - without compromising on design and comfort. Choose from a lot of different colors and sizes. There is surely also one that suits your taste.  

    Buy sports glasses | HART & HOLM  

    Shop your new favorite sports glasses online with us. Your sports glasses are always delivered in a beautiful patterned HART & HOLM logo box, so they are well protected during transport and when you store them. Sign up for our newsletter and always be updated with new models and trends. REMEMBER that you always get free shipping and save DKK 100 on your total purchase when you buy 3 pairs of sunglasses or glasses. When you shop with us, we lovingly pack your glasses and send them to you within 1-2 business days.  

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