Adjust your glasses

If your glasses have shown signs of use over time and need to be adjusted, or they don't sit quite right on your head when you receive them, you can do a lot yourself to make them fit as they should. We have therefore collected a lot of good tips and advice on how you can easily adjust your glasses yourself at home from the sofa. Have fun adjusting your glasses!

See here how to adjust the bars of your acetate glasses:

ATTENTION... this can only be done with our ACETAT glasses. Check carefully before you start bending them, as you may risk breaking other glasses. You can read about all our glasses under details, whether they are acetate. It is clearly stated if the glasses are made of acetate - basically you will only find acetate glasses in our PREMIUM collection.

If the rods have become loose over time, you can see here how you can adjust them yourself with the screwdriver from our plastering set:

Find our polishing kit HERE.

If the nose pads on your glasses don't fit quite as they should, it's also super easy to fix
- and don't worry, we've of course also made a guide on how to do that, right here:

If you have any questions about your glasses or anything else, you can contact us at .