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     Which sunglasses suit your face?  

    It is always the glasses that you feel most comfortable in that suit your face best.  

    However, there are some general rules for which glasses suit which face shape that you can follow.  

    Round face: Square or narrow glasses suit you best as they create some depth and make the face less round.
    Oval face: most glasses suit your face very well.
    Square face: Try round or Aviator glasses. It's good to have glasses that emphasize your softer shapes.
    Oblong face: Most glasses fit your face. However, be careful with glasses that are too narrow and square, as they can easily make the face look longer.  

    If you are more curious about glasses and face shapes, see our guide . It may also be that you are in doubt about which sunglasses size you should choose. That is why we have also created a guide to choose your sunglasses size.  

    What types of sunglasses does HART & HOLM offer

    At you can buy modern sunglasses from just € 26,68,-. We have a large selection for both men and women. There are certainly some that suit exactly you! At Hart & Holm, we have done our best to make sunglasses at favorable prices, in beautiful Danish design and strong quality

    This applies regardless of whether you choose from our delicious CLASSIC collection, or whether you choose sunglasses from our PREMIUM collection. In the PREMIUM collection you will find acetate sunglasses in the same quality as many designer sunglasses.  

    See also our dealer list to find a dealer near you where you can buy HART & HOLM's products. We have dealers throughout Denmark in Jutland, Zealand and Funen.  

    UV400 sunglasses in a nice design

    It is important that you always check whether there is UV400 protection in sunglasses before you buy them. It protects your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. In addition, it is important to choose a pair of sunglasses that you feel comfortable with and that are of good quality.  

    At HART & HOLM, all our sunglasses have UV400 protection, so you are sure that you are fully protected against damage from the sun's UV rays. At the same time as you can feel pressure, you can also feel comfortable with our many different frame designs.

    Consider which shape and color you like best. Maybe you are mostly into classic blacks or more into some with lots of splashes of colour. If you can't choose, remember that you always get € 13,41,- off when you buy 3 pairs of glasses at HART & HOLM.  

    Sunglasses with power

    In addition to general sunglasses, at HART & HOLM we also have sunglasses with plus Powers. You can therefore get both style and functionality in one package! Whether you want to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays or want clarity and vision support at the same time, we have the right sunglasses for you. Our powerplus sunglasses are designed to deliver both fashion and comfort so you can enjoy sunny days with peace of mind.   

    Our powerplus sunglasses offer not only UV protection but also powerto enhance your viewing experience on sunny days. You will find our sunglasses with power plus from +1 to +3. With our powerplus sunglasses, you no longer need to switch between sunglasses and reading glasses – you get the best of both worlds in one stylish product.   

    You will find our entire selection of sunglasses with power plus in the category Sunglasses with power .  

    Which sunglasses are modern?  

    As with so much else, there are trends in sunglasses that you can be inspired by. The most important thing, of course, is that you feel comfortable in your new sunglasses. If you feel good in them, you look better too.  

    If you still want some inspiration for modern sunglasses and which popular sunglasses are up to date, here are some:  

    Round shapes: The round shape is a classic that never goes out of style. Round sunglasses are almost always popular sunglasses. The new thing is that the round frame can be made of different materials such as metal and wood.  

    Cateye effect: A frame that gives you a bit of an elegant diva look and that lasts season after season.  

    Large spectacle frames: Spectacle frames must be oversized this season. One of the advantages of this trend is that your eyes are extra well protected behind the large glasses.  

    Which sunglass lens should I choose?

    At HART & HOLM, our glasses are available in several different lens colors. So you can get exactly the color of lens that you want and that suits your look. But in addition to giving it a cool look, the different glass colors also have many other properties that may have an influence on your choice.

    At HART & HOLM we have several different colored glasses, including: polarized sunglasses, mirrored glasses, green glasses, pink/reddish glasses and brown glasses. If you are going to use your sunglasses specifically for skiing, driving, everyday use or something else, you can read much more about which color lens to choose HERE .  

    When should I wear sunglasses?  

    They must be used every time you are out in the sun. This of course applies on hot summer days, but the sun can actually be bright all year round. In the winter and autumn, the sun hangs low and can bother your eyes when you go for a walk or drive a car. It is therefore important that you take good care of your eyes with UV400 in your sunglasses - all year round.  

    Did you know that there is the greatest risk of injury in the morning and late afternoon when the sun is at its lowest? If not, remember your sunglasses during these times!

    Buy Sunglasses at HART & HOLM  

    Shop your new favorite sunglasses online at good prices and a quality similar to designer sunglasses from recognized brands. Your glasses are always delivered in a beautiful patterned HART & HOLM logo box with a glasses case and cleaning cloth, so they are well protected during transport and when you store them. When you sign up for our newsletter, we keep you updated with new models and trends. REMEMBER you always save DKK 100 on your total purchase when you buy 3 pairs of sunglasses or glasses. When you shop with us, we always pack your glasses lovingly and send your new glasses to you within 1-2 working days.  

    SAVE € 13,41,-

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