Find your perfect glasses - completely worry-free

When you have ordered your favorite reading glasses on this site, you can always try them at home in peace and quiet for 14 days before you decide whether they are for you. It is always nice to see the glasses on and possibly get the opinion of family and friends, and be sure that you have chosen the right power- pssst. read much more about our Power guarantee HERE .

Only keep those that suit you and your wardrobe and that YOU feel GOOD in - because as our CEO & Founder, Marianne, says: "it's not about how good you look, but how amazing you feel". If there are some glasses that are not for you anyway, you can return the remaining ones.
Here you can collect your RETURN LABEL.
This of course applies to reading glasses, Sunglasses with power, bluelight glasses, powerbluelight glasses and sunglasses.