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    Reading glasses from Hart and Holm

    Reading glasses must be elegant and emphasize your personality. Find the pair that suits you exactly, among our wonderful selection of reading glasses in Danish design.

    Do you need a new pair of reading glasses? We have a large selection for both women and men at cheap prices, where quality has not been spared.

    In short, we want to give you a pair of high-quality reading glasses at good prices. In our opinion, reading glasses must be smart and not only help give you a good visual experience, but also a smart everyday look. They should be like an accessory that completes your style and frames your beautiful face in the best possible way.

    Reading glasses in Danish design

    We have focused on designing our reading glasses in a luxurious Scandinavian style with inspiration from the Italian fashion houses. We have placed great emphasis on manufacturing our glasses of the same high quality and materials that many of today's leading international brands in eyewear use.

    Reading glasses for ladies and gentlemen

    Here we have developed our women's reading glasses for you who want the glasses to be much more than just reading glasses. It must appear as part of you and your identity. Your beautiful reading glasses should not only help you with your vision in everyday life, but should also be able to be used to put the finishing touch on your outfit.

    Our reading glasses for men have a stylish design with simple details and a raw expression. Here you get reading glasses in good quality and Danish design.

    In our CLASSIC eyewear collection will find a large selection of reading glasses at cheap prices. Here you can find your reading glasses for just € 26,68,-. The glasses are made of a very strong and flexible lightweight material and with just the right hinges, so that your glasses sit comfortably while they neither tighten nor fall off during the day. In our CLASSIC collection you will find the different models in several colours, so you can add more pairs to your collection once you have found your favorite model.

    In our PREMIUM eyewear collection get a pair of glasses in the same high quality, which is preferred by many of the biggest glasses companies, but for just € 46,79,-. The recyclable acetate used in the production of this collection is very flexible and it makes it difficult to break your new glasses. In addition, they are easy to adapt and adjust to your face. For all our PREMIUM glasses, in addition to a cleaning cloth, you also get a nice foldable case made of imitation leather. When you put on your glasses, the glasses case takes up nothing in the bag, as it can be folded up.

    Gold glasses from HART & HOLM  

    Whether you are looking for classic black glasses or trendy gold glasses, we have a wide selection to suit every taste and style. With our gold glasses, you not only get an elegant look, but also high quality and comfort that make reading a pleasant experience.  

    Our gold glasses combine modern design with quality, so you can see sharp and clear in any situation. Whether you're working in front of the computer, reading a book or browsing your phone, our gold-framed reading glasses will give you sharp vision.  

    Gold glasses are a stylish accessory that can lift your look. With our selection of gold glasses, you can express your personal style and stand out from the crowd. Whether you prefer a classic round shape or a modern rectangular shape, we have a large selection of gold glasses to suit you.  

    So take a look at our range of reading glasses with gold frames today and find your new favourites!  

    Prescription reading glasses  

    Discover our range of reading glasses with strength and get clarity and comfort for your reading needs! Regardless of whether you experience age-related vision loss or need extra help focusing up close, we have the right solutions for you. See our selection of different strength glasses designed to give you sharp vision for reading books, newspapers, electronic devices and more.  

    We offer a wide selection of prescription reading glasses in different styles, colors and designs, so you can find the perfect pair to suit your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic round shape, a modern rectangular shape or something completely third, we have something for everyone.  

    With our prescription reading glasses, you no longer have to struggle to see clearly. Give your eyes the support they deserve and experience the difference with our reading glasses. Explore our selection of prescription reading glasses today and get sharp vision for your reading activities!  

    Reading glasses with positive prescription  

    Find a large selection of reading glasses with plositive prescription at HART & HOLM, including reading glasses +1. Our positive prescription reading glasses combine style and functionality to give you clarity and comfort when you read.   

    With our plus power reading glasses, including reading glasses from +1 to +3, you can enjoy reading without strain or discomfort. Our glasses are designed to give you the necessary prescription strength while maintaining a stylish look, so you can look good while looking sharp.   

    We offer a wide selection of reading glasses plus strength, in different strengths and designs, so you can find the perfect solution to suit your individual vision needs and personal preferences. Whether you prefer a discreet and minimalist style or a more trendy and eye-catching aesthetic, we have something for everyone.  Our presciptions start from reading glasses +1 to +3, and vary in 0.5 increments.

    Do you struggle with seeing things from a distance? Then take a look at our negative prescription glasses , which help you who suffer from myopia.

    Shop glasses online at HART & HOLM

    Buy reading glasses online at HART & HOLM at good prices. When you sign up for our newsletter, we keep you updated with new models and offers. If you are looking for several pairs of glasses, we offer NOK 100 off and free shipping when you buy 3 pairs of glasses. When you shop for glasses with us, we always pack your items lovingly and you get your new glasses delivered within 1-2 working days.

    Frequently asked questions  


    Do I need reading glasses?  

    If you have difficulty reading small print, or your eyes get tired and you get a headache when you have to read, this may be a sign that you need to use reading glasses.  

    At you can buy reading glasses as low as +1.00, which is typically a good strength for you who are going to have your first reading glasses. Also remember that we also have glasses for you who are nearsighted and need minus glasses .  


    What are your prices?  

    At you can get smart reading glasses in good quality at a cheap price from just DKK 199. We have a large selection of reading glasses from strength +1.00 to +3.00, and minus glasses in strength -1.00, -1.50 and -2.00  

    What is the difference between reading glasses and regular glasses?  

    In "ordinary" glasses, there are typically different strengths in the glass and often with a sliding transition, such that there is a reading field at the bottom, which you use when you need to read something, and the upper part of the glasses is for seeing things from a distance. Therefore, you can wear them all the time once you have got used to using the sliding transition. Reading glasses have only one strength throughout the glass and are therefore intended for use when you read. Many wear them in their hair when they are not reading, and use them as an elegant 'jewelry' for their outfit.  


    Which design suits me?  

    If you are in doubt about which reading glasses to choose, there are several things you can consider. For example, if you have a favorite color that you know suits you, then you can start from that. You can then consider the actual shape of your new reading glasses. Are you mostly into narrow and small reading glasses or are you more into large and wide reading glasses? You can also start from which reading glasses suit your face shape in our guide .  


    How do I find the right glasses strength?  

    To be completely sure of finding the right spectacle strength, you can go to an optician and have an eye test taken. The vast majority of people need their first reading glasses when they are around 40 years old, and typically have to use +1.00 strength for the first time. After this, you would generally say that it increases by +0.5 in strength every 5 years. But it is of course individual when you need which strength - that's why we at have a strength guarantee, so you can exchange your glasses for a different strength completely free of charge if you don't order the right one the first time.  


    Can you wear reading glasses all the time?  

    No, they are not meant to be worn all the time. There is the same strength throughout the glass and they are intended to be read with. Therefore, it will often be difficult to see what is further away, and can result in minor headaches .  

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