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    5 products
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    When should you use prescription sunglasses?

    We have designed an exciting selection of sunglasses with strength - perfect for the sunbed, regardless of whether it is on the terrace, balcony, beach or pool.
    Sunglasses with strength are a MUST HAVE when you have to read outdoors. Whether it's on the terrace in the sun, at summer's many beach visits, sitting by the pool under southern skies or on a bench while the snow falls. HART & HOLM's sunglasses all have a UV400 filter that protects your eyes from the dangerous and harmful rays of the strong sun. In addition, all our sunglasses are CE-marked, so the sunglasses are produced according to applicable EU standards. We have made it our focus to create and design beautiful, classic and timeless sunglasses. The sunglasses are made in luxurious qualities, the inspiration is taken from all over the world and based on the names of beautiful Italian cities, we have created a unique Danish-Scandinavian design. In short, you get the most beautiful of all worlds in your glasses - regardless of which model you choose.
    Prescription sunglasses are not meant to be worn all the time. There is the same strength throughout the glass and they are intended to be read with. Therefore, it will often be difficult to see what is further away, as you usually need a different strength for that. If you want a pair of glasses that you can wear all the time, consider a pair of glasses with a smooth transition.

    What strength should I use in my sunglasses?

    To be completely sure of finding the right spectacle strength, you can go to an optician and have an eye test taken. The vast majority of people need to have strength in their glasses when they read when they are around 40 years old, and typically have to use strength +1.00 for the first time. After this, you would generally say that it increases by +0.5 in strength every 5 years. But it is of course individual when you need which strength - that's why we at have a strength guarantee, so you can exchange your glasses for a different strength completely free of charge if you don't order the right one the first time. It is important to us that your new glasses fit you perfectly.

    Which sunglasses provide the best protection?  

    When it comes to sunglasses, you should always choose ones with UV400 in the lenses. UV400 means that they protect against all UV rays that are equal to or shorter than 400 nanometers. It covers all UVA and UVB rays. In this way, your eyes will be 100% protected from the sun's rays. At HART & HOLM, we naturally have UV400 in all our sunglass lenses. Your eye safety is important to us, and we want to help you take better care of your eyes. Remember that you should not only use sunglasses in the summer, but actually all year round. The low autumn and winter sun can be sharp for your eyes.

    Where to buy prescription sunglasses?

    At we have a selection of sunglasses with strength in the lenses. The sunglasses are available with strength +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00. You can see our entire selection of prescription sunglasses HERE .
    You can also find a selected range at some of our dealers. We have dealers spread over Jutland, Zealand and Funen, as well as the islands. You can see all our dealers HERE .

    How much do prescription sunglasses cost?

    At you can get smart sunglasses with strength in the lenses, in good quality from our CLASSIC collection for only DKK 199.
    In addition, in our PREMIUM collection you can find a selection with many delicious details for DKK 349.
    REMEMBER you always get free shipping and a DKK 100 discount when you buy 3 pairs of glasses. So if you just can't choose a pair, or if you both want a pair of Blue Light glasses with strength, sunglasses with strength and reading glasses. You can see all our Blue Light glasses with strength HERE and all our reading glasses HERE .
    HART&HOLM is in favor of getting good quality at a price that everyone can afford. We design cheap, high-quality reading glasses. Our sunglasses are available from strength +1 to +3. See the entire selection HERE .

    What is UV400 protection?

    Have you bought cheap, poor-quality sunglasses in the past because you don't see the point in demanding quality from your prescription and non-prescription sunglasses? We have also done that once. But now we have learned how important it is to buy good sunglasses that have UV400 to protect the eyes and we really want to learn that from us, so you also demand quality from your sunglasses - no matter the price.
    UV400 in your sunglasses works for the eyes as sunscreen does for the skin. It protects against the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. Without UV protection, the sun can damage your eyes both temporarily and long-term. That is why we of course have 100% UV400 in ALL our sunglasses with and without strength.

    Which sunglasses suit my face shape?

    There is no single answer to which sunglasses suit your face shape. It is always the glasses you feel best in that are the best match for you.
    However, there are a number of general 'rules' for which sunglasses suit different face shapes best for both men and women.
    This applies, among other things, to the fact that if you have a round head, it can be good to use some distinctive sunglasses to add some more definition to your face. If, on the other hand, you choose a pair of round sunglasses, you will emphasize the round shapes of your face.
    If you have a square face, you can use round frames to soften the angular features. In addition, glasses that sit high on the nose will compliment the beautiful square shape.
    If you have an oval face, you are one of the lucky ones. Almost all prescription sunglasses suit an oval face. So you can easily experiment with more daring frames.
    You can read much more about which eyeglass frames suit your face shape in our guide HERE .
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