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    22 products
    Smoke Champagne Moss Brown +3
    Torino Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Black Turtle Black Grey Olive +2
    Grosetto Blue Light - PREMIUM
    Moss Mat Black
    Milano Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Smoke Beige Marble Walnut
    Trieste MINI Blue Light - PREMIUM
    Milano Blue Light with strength - CLASSIC
    Lucky bag - Blue Light glasses
    Blue Brown
    Luino Blue Light - PREMIUM
    Black Brown Blue Crystal +1
    Este Blue Light - PREMIUM
    Black Brown
    Forio Blue Light - PREMIUM
    Bergamo Black Blue Light - PREMIUM
    Bresso Brown Blue Light - PREMIUM
    Biella Golden Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Biella Grey Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Biella Toffee Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Biella Rose Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Biella Olive Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Biella Creme Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Biella Black Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Biella Walnut Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Biella Moss Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Biella Champagne Blue Light - CLASSIC
    Arezzo Brown Blue Light - PREMIUM

    How much are Blue Light glasses for men?

    At HART & HOLM you can get men's Blue Light glasses from our CLASSIC collection at prices from DKK 249. Our CLASSIC glasses are made of quality lightweight materials with flexible hinges. Your CLASSIC glasses always come with a soft case in gray velour. The case also works as a cleaning cloth.
    You will also find our PREMIUM men's Blue Light glasses for DKK 349. All our PREMIUM glasses are made from the material acetate, which is extremely flexible. This means that you can easily adjust your glasses so that they fit your face exactly. See how to do it in our video guide right HERE .
    Remember that you always get a DKK 100 discount and free shipping when you buy 3 pairs of glasses.

    Are Blue Light glasses good?

    Blue Light glasses are good if you sit in front of the screen a lot during the day. Many hours of screen time can lead to headaches, difficulty sleeping and irritated and red eyes. Blue Light glasses contain a filter in the glass which filters out blue light. When the blue light is filtered out, you will find that the nuisance caused by many hours of screen time is reduced.

    Why should you use Blue Light glasses?

    If you have many hours of screen time, you may experience headaches, dry eyes and difficulty sleeping. Blue Light glasses contain a filter in the glass which filters out some of the artificial blue light that your eyes are exposed to. When you use our Blue Light glasses, you will typically find that the discomfort is reduced. At HART & HOLM you will find a large selection of Blue Light glasses. Choose between Blue Light glasses for men, women and with and without prescription.

    Which Blue Light glasses for men suit my face shape?

    When you need to buy a new pair of Blue Light glasses for men, you can, for example, take your face shape as a starting point. The shape of your face can have an effect on which glasses suit you best. Remember that guides for glasses and face shapes are only indicative. You should always choose a pair that you feel comfortable in. See a few tips for Blue Light glasses and face shapes below.
    Round face: Go for angular glasses, which can contrast your round shapes. Round glasses will exaggerate and accentuate your round face.
    Square face: Go for glasses with round shapes that can accentuate your softer sides.
    Oval face: You are one of the lucky ones who wears most glasses regardless of shape.
    See more about glasses and face shapes in our extended guide right HERE .

    Is Blue Light Dangerous?

    Blue Light - or blue light - is not dangerous in itself. In fact, your eyes are exposed daily to natural blue light in the form of daylight. The natural daylight helps to make you fresh and keep you awake during the bright hours. The problem comes when you daily expose your eyes to artificial blue light from screens for many hours. It is especially problematic in the evening. Your eyes mistakenly believe that the blue light is daylight. This means that the brain reduces the production of melatonin. Melatonin is also called the sleep hormone, as it helps you fall asleep at night. This means that artificial blue light can cause you to have difficulty sleeping. Reduced sleep can lead to difficulty concentrating, headaches and low energy during the day, which is why long-term exposure to blue light can be problematic.

    Can you use Blue Light glasses all the time?

    Blue Light glasses are designed to be used when you are sitting in front of the screen, so they protect your eyes from artificial blue light. Your eyes, on the other hand, benefit from experiencing natural daylight outside, which also has a bluish tint. Therefore, you must leave your Blue Light glasses inside when you go out. Therefore, wear sunglasses when you are outside to protect your eyes from the sun's sharp UV rays. See our sunglasses for men right HERE .

    When should you use Blue Light glasses?

    You must use your men's Blue light glasses when you sit in front of the screen. Especially if you have a lot of screen time at, for example, work, study or like to relax in front of the TV in the evening.

    What do glasses do with Blue Light?

    In the lens of the Blue Light glasses there is a filter that filters the blue light coming from your devices. That means, the artificial blue light that comes from, for example, your phone, computer and your TV. In Blue Light glasses from HART & HOLM, the filter filters up to 40% of the blue light. This means that your eyes are not exposed to large amounts of blue light, so you can avoid problems with sleep difficulties, headaches and red eyes.

    How does blue light affect the brain?

    Blue light is found naturally in daylight from the sun. The natural daylight helps to keep you fresh and awake, which is why blue light in itself is not at all bad or harmful. However, when you are exposed to artificial blue light from screens for many hours during a day, it can have negative consequences. This is especially true when you are sitting in front of the screen in the evening. You are tricking your brain into thinking it is daytime. This means that it lowers the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which helps make you tired in the evening. This is problematic because it can lead to difficulty sleeping when you lie in your bed at night. Difficulty sleeping can in turn lead to other negative consequences such as difficulty concentrating, headaches and reduced energy during the day.

    Buy Blue Light glasses for men | HART & HOLM

    Are you looking for Blue Light glasses for men? Shop your new favorite Blue Light glasses online at HART & HOLM at great prices. Your men's Blue Light glasses are always delivered in a beautiful patterned HART & HOLM box with a glasses case and a cleaning cloth. With this, your glasses are always well protected when you are not wearing them.
    At HART&HOLM, you always get a DKK 100 discount and free shipping when you buy 3 pairs of glasses. When you shop with us, we lovingly pack your glasses and send them to you within 1-2 working days.
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