Which glasses suit my face shape?

Are you in doubt about which glasses suit your face shape? Then you can learn much more about it in our guide right here. Remember that it is only an indicative guide, and that you should of course always choose the glasses you feel most comfortable in - regardless of shape.

First of all, it's about finding out what face shape you have. It might be a little difficult to know if you don't know what characterizes the individual face shapes. But don't worry. In our guide below, you can learn much more about just that.  

Oval face 

Characteristics: Even proportions and a chin that is narrower than the forehead. In addition, narrow cheekbones and jawline are typical for this face shape. 

Do's & Dont's: You are one of the lucky ones! Most glasses suit you. You can therefore easily allow yourself to experiment with more daring and wild frames. If you take a pair of rectangular glasses or the classic pilot glasses, you can emphasize your natural features.

Square face 

Characteristic: Forehead, cheekbones and jaw area are roughly the same width. It is typical for this face shape to have a strong jawline. 

Do's & Dont's: If you wear round glasses, you soften the angular features and emphasize the soft shapes. Glasses that sit high on the nose will make your face look longer and complement the beautiful square face shape really nicely. 

Heart shaped face 

Characteristics: Your forehead is wider than your jaw and cheekbones. The face gathers in a point at the chin. 

Do's & Dont's: Try cat-eye and aviator glasses, as they typically look great on your face shape. Square and round glasses will also compliment your face shape. Glasses that draw the focus outwards and upwards will work really well for you. 

Diamond face 

Characteristics: You have a narrow forehead and chin, while you are fuller around the cheeks and cheekbones. 

Do's & Dont's: Round or almond-shaped glasses look great on you. The round glasses will create balance and harmony in your face and the almond-shaped ones will highlight your high and full cheekbones. If you're feeling brave, you can try glasses that have a marked line at the brow. 

Pyramid face

Characteristics: With this face shape, the forehead is wider than the cheekbones, jaw and chin. The jaw line can either be very marked or softer in shape. 

Do's & Dont's: Cateye rectangular and oval glasses are good for you. In addition, you can find glasses that have the same width or are wider than your jaw to create good harmony in the face. 

Round face 

Characteristics: The width and height of the face are almost the same, and the face is widest at the cheeks and cheekbones. You typically only have very soft or no edges around the jaw area. 

Do's & Dont's: You may want to go for the more angular frames, as they will give more definition to your face and break the round face shape. If you wear round glasses, on the other hand, you will emphasize and exaggerate the round shape. 

We hope that you could find some inspiration in our guide - but remember that the glasses you feel most comfortable in are the ones that suit you best!

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