Gold glasses

Gold adds a little extra exclusivity to your look - also when it's on your reading glasses or sunglasses . Therefore, of course, we have a large selection of beautiful gold glasses , which give you just the right exclusive feeling of luxury. Also choose from other beautiful metals such as rose gold , silver and steel - which is your favourite? Find out more about golden eyeglass frames in our guide below and find your new gold favourites !  

Style your gold glasses  

Gold glasses can be used both for everyday life and for parties. If you are fond of gold jewellery, then the golden eyeglass frames are the perfect finishing touch. For festive events, a little extra is needed. Here, a golden spectacle frame is absolutely perfect. Imagine how your glasses can complete a party outfit with a beautiful dress and gold-plated jewelry.  

For everyday use, a pair of gold glasses can easily upgrade your look. Pair the glasses with worn jeans, a t-shirt, boots and maybe a leather jacket - and you have a cool everyday outfit that is sure to turn heads.  

You might think that gold eyeglass frames are mostly for women? In fact, gold represents masculinity, while silver is a symbol of the feminine. Fortunately, there are no rules about who can wear what and metals can suit everyone - regardless of gender.  

You may have heard that mixing gold and silver is a no go? In fact, it can give a very cool expression, so everyone likes to be brave and mix the two metals. Why choose between gold or silver when you can get both at once?  

How much do gold glasses from HART & HOLM cost?  

Spectacle frames in golden colors sound expensive at first glance - but it doesn't have to be! At HART & HOLM you will find both gold glasses in our CLASSIC and PREMIUM collection. Prices start from € 26,68,- in our CLASSIC collection, so you can definitely find a pair of golden glasses (or two) without breaking the bank. Also remember that you always save DKK 100 and get free shipping when you buy three pairs of glasses from our shop.  

Gold glasses from HART & HOLM  

If you have become curious about gold glasses, then fortunately we have a large selection at HART & HOLM. We have selected some favorites from our various categories below.  

Trieste MINI Smoke Blue Light round metal glasses with beautiful golden details. The glasses are a new and smaller version of our popular Trieste glasses. You will also find Trieste MINI as sunglasses and reading glasses .  

Trieste Gold sunglasses are beautiful large sunglasses with a golden frame. The metal glasses give you an exclusive and delicious look - absolutely perfect for warm summer days. Trieste is also available as reading glasses and Blue Light without and with Power .  

Our Biella Creme reading glasses are beautiful glasses with fine gold details - which are found on all our Biella models. In the color Cream, you are sure that you will not go unnoticed - in a good way. Biella is also available as sunglasses and Blue Light with and without Power .